Anna-Maria Pitella, Esq.

Pittella Law

Anna-Maria Pittella was admitted to practice an attorney in the State of New Jersey in 1973. The major focus of her family law practice.

ON MEDIATION: “Over the years, I have seen the emotional and financial difficulties of divorce litigants. In the early eighties, family law attorneys began to volunteer their time to assist litigants in the resolution of their divorce and to avoid trial by appearing before a Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel. I became a Panelist to offer my assistance. The program remains valuable and successful."

The decision to divorce is difficult. Before you select a process that makes it even more painful, you owe it to yourself to explore all options as to how to divorce in Monmouth and Ocean counties. Many people assume that they need a judge to make all the decisions for them. In reality only about one in every ten cases ever goes to trial. The rest are the result of an agreement by the parties. So why take the path of preparing for a trial that doesn’t happen? Before you commence divorce litigation, explore an alternative out-of-court process such as collaborative divorce or mediation. It is crucial to get information about your divorce alternatives as early as possible to consider all options available to you and the best fit for you, your family, and finances.