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Collaborative Professionals

Kelly Cole.jpg

Kelly Cole 

Collaborative Professional

Kelly is an Insurance specialist with MassMutual who has over 15 years of experience in the industry. Her practice is located in the Galleria in Red Bank. She provides all insurance needs by evaluating different products to create a cohesive protection plan for the alimony, child support and any other financial obligations that arise in divorce. 

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Val Capri Collaborative Professional.jpg

Val Capri

Collaborative Professional

Val uses her financial planning experience to assist spouses in developing alternatives to divide assets in a manner that is beneficial to all parties. Over the span of her career, she has developed a core professional focus of working with individuals and families in transition, providing the extra attention that is needed during stressful times such as divorce, illness and widowhood. Learn More +

Donna Ranieri.jpg

Donna Ranieri

Donna is truly a Divorce and Mediation Lending Specialist who aids clients during one of the most difficult emotional transaction of their lives. Donna understands that divorce is a sensitive time and unfortunately the marital home is often in the center of the dispute. She is connected to hundreds of divorce attorneys who rely on her expertise to assist their clients.

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Rich MCCD.png

Richard Cardinali


Financial Professional

Merrill Lynch

"Having personally gone through a divorce, I understand the magnitude of this particular transition emotionally, as well as financially, for all involved, especially the kids. This is why I truly and passionately believe the collaborative divorce process to be so incredibly important... See More +


Bettina Munson.jpg

Bettina Munson

An equity partner in the Family Law Department of Lomurro, Munson, Comer, Brown & Schottland, LLC, BETTINA MUNSON has more than 25 years of experience in matrimonial cases. Learn More +

Julia Desara Headshot MCCDMP.jpg

Julia Dasaro

Attorney Julia S. Dasaro-Drescher started The Dasaro Law Firm in 2006 with the objective of providing highly personalized legal counsel in a diverse cross section of practice areas to residents throughout central New Jersey. Learn More +


Anna-Maria Pittella, Esq.

Pittella Law

Anna-Maria Pittella was admitted to practice an attorney in the State of New Jersey in 1973. The major focus of her family law practice.

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Richard Sanvenero.jpg

Richard Sanvenero Jr., Esq.

Richard Sanvenero Jr. is an associate with the firm Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C. Mr. Sanvenero is licensed to practice law in the Federal and State Courts of New Jersey and New York.

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Danielle-H.-Bohlen Attorney.jpg

Danielle H. Bohlen, Esq.

Danielle has twenty plus years of litigation experience in both Civil and Family Law matters.  She is a trained Collaborative Divorce Attorney, handling divorce, custody, child support and domestic violence matters.

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Linda Piff

Linda Piff

Linda Piff is a divorce attorney, certified divorce mediator and a pioneer in the field of collaborative Law. Linda trains other professionals throughout the tristate area in this unique legal specialty.

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Andrew Fischer Attorney.jpg

Andrew R. Fischer, Esq.

A lot of people call me crazy for practicing family law – and I get it.  Involving oneself in one of the most difficult and traumatic times of another person’s life certainly isn’t for everyone.  But I’ve seen the devastating effect that divorce can have on families – and I want to change the process. Learn More +

Mental Health Professionals

Miles Wagman.jpg

Miles Wagman -


The Relationship Center

I have worked with individuals and couples for the past 25 years as a Clinical Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist to help them gain the greatest satisfaction in the relationships that are important in their lives. Learn More +


Julie Davelman, Ph.D.

Having completed more than seven hundred evaluations in a wide range of cases with both children and adults, Dr. Davelman developed expertise in identifying the needs of families.

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Rikki GottLieb Mental Health Professional.png

Rikki Gottlieb, MSW, LCSW

In my practice of over 22 years, as a skilled therapist, I have provided a solution-focused and strength based approach to therapy.  It is my belief that by setting goals that support both collaboration and balance, it can create a more successful outcome for all types of relationships and life issues. Learn More +

William Frankenstein.jpg

William Frankenstein, Ph.D.

Frankenstein & Steen, LLC

Despite twenty five years of practice as an independent, licensed psychologist with varied interests and specializations, my major practice area evolved into working with individuals, couples and families imagining, experiencing, enduring, and flourishing in divorce.

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Shay Stanton Shwahla.jpg

Shay Stanton Shwahla, LCSW

Creative Solutions Counseling, LLC

Shay Stanton Shwahla, LCSW has been providing out-patient psychotherapy services since 1991.

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Financial Neutrals

Kami Zonin Financial Planner.jpg

Kami Zonin, CFP, CDFA

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and a member of the Monmouth County Collaborative Divorce & Mediation Professionals, she is trained and experienced in researching and analyzing personal, business and tax issues in divorce.

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