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Kelly Cole

Collaborative Professional

I am the founder of the Monmouth County Collaborative Divorce and Mediation Professionals group. After going through my own divorce, I see the great value in going through a divorce with a team of collaborative professionals.

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Jodi Thatcher

Proessional Advisor

Coldwell Banker

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Richard Cardinali

Collaborative Professional

"Having personally gone through a divorce, I understand the magnitude of this particular transition emotionally, as well as financially, for all involved, especially the kids. This is why I truly and passionately believe the collaborative divorce process to be so incredibly important.

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Val Capri Collaborative Professional.jpg

Valbona Capri

Collaborative Professional

Val uses her financial planning experience to assist spouses in developing alternatives to divide assets in a manner that is beneficial to all parties. Over the span of her career, she has developed a core professional focus of working with individuals and families in transition.

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