A Sensible Alternative to Litigation

We are trained collaborative professionals who have observed the hardships of traditional litigation
first-hand, so we are committed to helping families transition through this painful experience of
divorce by offering a logical alternative that preserves dignity, empowers you as the decision
makers, and better protects your children as well as your finances.

Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey

We can help by...

1. giving you Full Consideration

We can help by looking at the whole family with all family member’s interests in mind as we lend
our areas of expertise throughout the divorce.

2. Assessing All your Needs

We Can assess the needs of the whole family to guide your collaboration as your form a sustainable
plan that best suits all the members individual and unique needs.

3. Saving you Money

We can help by saving you money. Compared to litigation, where a judge makes your decisions or
you ultimately settle due to cost and fatigue, mediation and collaborative process is more
economical, give you more control over outcomes and strives to guide you to a result that most
closely meets your goals and objectives. Collaborative divorce, like all divorce processes, is stressful,
but your team provides supportive and targeted guidance, which can result in considerably less cost
and paves the way for harmonious family relations afterwards.

4. Diversity in skill sets

A team of dedicated, experienced professionals will work with you every step of the way, working
hard to understand your specific situation. Arriving at the best possible conclusion for both spouses takes relentless focus , hard work, trust in your team and uses the multiple resources that are at your disposal when you choose to work with us.

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