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The essence of Collaborative Practice in New Jersey

Collaborative Professionals share the belief that it is in the best interest of families to commit themselves to a process whereby they resolve their legal differences with conflict being actively managed and without litigation.  The Collaborative process is designed to empower clients to fashion agreements that address their unique concerns and produce results more creatively than, and superior to, those experienced by clients in an adversarial process. The Collaborative process relies on an atmosphere of honesty, cooperation, transparency, integrity and professionalism geared toward the future well-being of the parties and their children. 

Monmouth County Collaborative Divorce and Mediation Professionals

We hold ourselves to an obligation to provide the substantive and procedural training to our members so that they may offer the best conceived and most skilled collaborative processes to their clients as an option for resolving their Family Law matters. In addition, we are committed to fostering the development of a community of compatible professionals that will the realization of your goals through collaborative practice principles by providing a ready network of attorneys, divorce coaches, child specialists and financial professionals who are qualified to assist you towards a humane, fair and compassionate divorce using collaborative principles such as equity, transparency, dignity, forgiveness, peacemaking and rationality.

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