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Richard Cardinali

Financial Professional, Merrill Lynch

For more than 20 years, I’ve helped generations of families enjoy a wealth management experience that addresses their greatest concerns and most essential goals. Our mission is to help clients achieve desirable work-optional lifestyles through personalized financial strategies. As life evolves, their plan unfolds. Having personally gone through a divorce, I understand the magnitude of this particular transition emotionally, as well as financially, for all involved, especially the kids. This is why I truly and passionately believe the collaborative divorce process to be so incredibly important. I combine education and financial planning with goal and risk analysis to insure you make informed decisions rather than emotional ones.

• Clients should work with highly experienced and caring advisors. Our value goes beyond “dollars and cents” – especially when a client’s decisions can affect the quality of their lives.

• Advisors should never stop learning about clients. We ask questions that help clients explore the meaning of their wealth and what may stand in their way, “What have you always wanted to do? What are your financial concerns? What matters most to you?”

• Merrill Lynch research is the “best on the street.” We listen and adhere to the firm’s macro direction and to people outside the firm for a contrarian view. The firm’s open architecture gives us flexibility in how we invest a client’s portfolio.