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Divorce or the ending of a long-term relationship is a sensitive and personal matter. No single approach is right for everyone. Many couples find Collaborative Practice to be a welcome alternative to the often destructive, and sometimes very expensive aspects of court proceedings. For Lesbian, Gay, Transgender or Bi-Sexual Couples who cannot marry legally or who are married but cannot divorce in their state or country, Collaborative Practice offers a mechanism for reaching a legally enforceable resolution of their issues.

Collaborative Practice: Values 


Equal Respect

All of our professionals will communicate respect to both sides at all times. No hostility & no hardship. We know how emotionally stressful a divorce is, and we would never try to instigate further trauma or aggression between the two parties. 

Your children are your 1st priority

Seeing the stress that the traditional litigation process puts on children and loved ones first hand, made most of our professionals want to join a cause like ours. With uncontested divorce, mediation and collaborative practice, the needs of your children are prioritized, and both parties work together to come to a mutual agreement that benefits your children, and your family element as a whole. 

Equality & cooperation

If you believe that your own needs, and the needs of your partner deserve equal consideration, than collaborative divorce measures will be a great fit for you. If you both want to listen to each side of the story objectively, and are looking to obtain a common goal for the good of your children than collaborative practice fits your needs.


When dealing directly with the Law, or while going through the litigation process, there is not much room for either side to use their creativity to develop a personalized outcome for you and your very unique situation. If you believe that working creatively and cooperatively tends to produce a better outcome for all parties involved, than collaborative measures like ours may be right for you. 

future planning

Many people can't see past the present situation, and their present emotions in such a rough time. We don't blame you for feeling this way, however, when dealing with such a big decision you must be able to look past how you feel right now, in order to properly plan for your future, as well as the future of your children. 

Maintain control of your personal matters 

When you choose to seperate using the traditional form of divorce, or litigation, you are relegating your control of your personal matters to the courts. In collaborative practice & mediation practices, you are able to decide your own outcome. Both parties have full control as to what decision or verdict they come to. 

If this path reflects your own thinking, we suggest that you talk to a Collaborative lawyer, Collaborative coach, child specialist or financial professional from our group about your own situation. A Collaborative professional can help you decide if Collaborative Practice is the right alternative for you and your family. Please call us today if these values apply to you, or fill out the form below to tell us more about your situation.  

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